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Michael Heumann Art Law & Advisory



About Us

Michael is enthusiastic about fine art and collecting. In 2017 he opened the Law Office of Michael Heumann in the greater Los Angeles area where his clients include art collectors, museums, galleries and artists in matters pertaining to title, provenance, authenticity, condition of works of art, purchasing, selling, lending, insuring, planned giving, and the disposition of collections. A major part of Michael’s current work is assisting collectors and their heirs in selling valuable art or voluminous collections of valuable objects for highest obtainable net return. Michael has spoken on topics such as “When the Collecting is Over: Property Disposition and Estate Planning,” “Best Practices for Art Collectors,” and “The Psychology of Collecting.” He was a Los Angeles partner at Nossaman LLP (1991-2016; nationwide Managing Partner, 2007-2013). Michael received a Juris Doctorate degree from Berkeley Law School (UCB), an MBA degree from Stanford University, and BA (Economics) and BSE (Engineering) degrees from Princeton University. Michael served on the Southwest Museum’s Board of Trustees (1989-2003; President,1995-2003), and has been an Autry Museum trustee since 2003. He chairs the California Club’s Art Committee, and is a board member of the California Art Club, the Ethnic Arts Council, and the Century City Arts Council. Michael is a knowledgeable and proficient collector of Native American Indian art.

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