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United Express Messengers & Attorney Services Inc


Mail Services/Shipping

About Us

UNITED EXPRESS Messenger & Attorney Services has been in business since 1985.Our success has been earned by providing the service that our customers demand. United Express is available to you 7 days a week 24 hours 365 days a year.

United express is a courier and attorney services with many years of delivery service experience. At UE our goal is to relentlessly provide the fastest most accurate customer oriented rush delivery possible. We do this by having an advanced feature such as a GPS system that allows us to track our drivers 24 hours a day.

From our highly trained staff, we expect excellence. Many of our key employees have been with us more than 35 years and their work ethic generates a ripple effect throughout the company.

With several locations throughout southern California, we are currently serving thousands of customers, including La's busiest and most successful corporations. UE committed to long term customer relationships and that is why most of our major clients have been working with us since 1985.

Ultimately with our ''ON TIME OR NO CHARGE'' guarantee you can rest assured that you will be paying less for the fastest and most dependable courier service.

We require that our order takers use our customer service guidelines and that our drivers be tested and toughly trained in handling small packages, legal filings, medical specimens, cash deliveries and more.


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