Alan Hearty
Co-Chair Allen Matkins Leck Gamble Mallory & Natsis LLP, Board Director at Large
Cassie King
Able Services
Cedric Joins
New York Life
Doug Williams
Williams Data Management
Ben Shamoiel
The LA Chiropractor
Dr. Ben Shamoiel holds a doctorate of Chiropractic and offers custom care for people who live in pain, have diminished balance, injuries, and recur...
Jason Leibovitch
Co-Chair Jason Leibovitch - Merrill Lynch
Katie Jansen
Diamond Capital Advisors, Director
As Director, Katie Jansen, brings a wealth of knowledge and 17 years of industry experience to Diamond. She has been instrumental in a variety of...
Larry Baker
Larry Baker - Citywide Home Loans, Branch Manager
Shyan Ardalan
Co-Chair Shyan Ardalan - Merrill Lynch